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Speaking out against minimum wage violations

From denied overtime to an employer's refusal to allow workers to take breaks that they are entitled to, we have provided various examples of employment law violations on this site. However, there are other challenging issues that can affect workers of all ages, such as minimum wage violations. Moreover, some workers may be especially vulnerable when it comes to minimum wage violations and other types of wage and hour issues, such as minors who may be working for the first time or those who cannot speak English very well, and it is crucial for those who suspect that they are being mistreated (such as the parents of a teen worker) to speak up.

Speaking out against rampant wage theft

There are numerous examples of wage violations and many have been explored on this blog, such as denied overtime, denied breaks and the violation of a minor worker's rights. Wage theft takes many forms and may also involve the misclassification of employees, illegal deductions, or failing to pay a worker minimum wage. In some cases, a worker may not even be paid for their work at all. If you have experienced any form of wage theft, it is crucial for you to firmly stand up for your rights, which may involve filing a complaint or legal action. Moreover, if you have noticed that the rights of fellow workers have been violated, you should not remain silent.

Staying silent over wage violations

We have gone over different examples of wage violations on this blog, from those which violate the rights of minors to denied breaks and denied overtime. Unfortunately, there are times in which people choose to stay silent even though they know that their employer has broken the law. There are different reasons why a worker may believe that silence is the best course of action, but any employer who breaks the law should be held accountable for their behavior. Regrettably, these violations take place too frequently and the lack of accountability remains a problem in workplaces across the state of California.

When minimum wage laws are ignored

We have gone over many facets of employment law on this blog, from sexual harassment to denied overtime and other employee rights violations. Having said that, employees should bear in mind that there are many more ways in which their rights may be violated in the workplace. For example, someone may be paid less than minimum wage by an employer who shows no regard for the law. Unfortunately, people take advantage of their workers this way far too often, especially workers who might be vulnerable due to their age or for some other reason. Our law office firmly believes that wage violations in California must be addressed immediately.

The consequences of denied breaks

We have covered various legal issues related to employment law on this blog, such as unpaid overtime and discrimination, but many more violations occur in the workplace. For example, an employee may be denied breaks that he or she is entitled to according to the law. To some people, denied breaks may seem like a minor issue, but this is a serious problem in workplaces throughout California. In Los Angeles and elsewhere in the state, those who are denied breaks may face consequences beyond the frustration of being taken advantage of. In fact, when an employee is not given breaks it can be dangerous.

Taking action against denied overtime

As an employee, there may be various instances where your rights have been violated over the years. You may have noticed that you were subjected to discrimination at some point in the past, or you might be upset about the termination of your position which you believe was unlawful. However, there are many other types of employee rights violations that occur far too often in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, such as the denial of overtime that an employee is owed. Unfortunately, many of these violations go under the radar and employers are able to get away with this behavior.

When the employee rights of a minor are violated

Employees from all walks of life are treated unfairly in the workplace in countless ways, from discrimination to unpaid overtime. Unfortunately, some people are particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of or having an employer violate their legal rights. For example, some younger people who may be working at their first job or unsure of their rights as an employee may be subjected to various types of wage and hour violations. In Los Angeles, and cities around the rest of California, it is pivotal for people who have experienced this to speak up for their rights.

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