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When supervisors abuse their authority

Employees experience many different types of rights violations every day and we have highlighted many of these situations on our blog. In this post, we will examine the role that some supervisors play in the violation of employee rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, some supervisors choose to take advantage of subordinates and violate their rights in various ways, knowingly or even unknowingly, in some instances. Regardless, employee rights violations are never acceptable and those who have been subjected to these abuses should firmly stand their ground.

Discrimination during the application process

Often, when people think of discrimination in the workplace they picture someone losing their job or being treated improperly at work because of their gender, religious beliefs, age, etc. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that discrimination can also occur during the application process. Many people have been subjected to unlawful discrimination while trying to apply for a job and some do not even realize that the way they were treated was illegal. If you suspect that your rights were violated while applying for a position, do not hesitate to review your options.

Discrimination based upon religious beliefs

Employees may be discriminated against because of the way they were born or the year they were born, as we have gone over on our blog. However, it is important to remember that other forms of discrimination appear in workspaces across the state of California. For example, someone may be subjected to discrimination as a result of their religious beliefs, which can be very unsettling. If you have experienced religious discrimination on a personal level, it is important for you to have a solid understanding of your rights and consider which course of action makes the most sense.

Employee rights and work-related injuries

From discrimination to mistreatment over filing a complaint because of sexual harassment, the rights of employees are violated in various ways. It is critical for workers to familiarize themselves with their rights and take action in the event that they believe they have been subjected to violations of employment law. There are a number of ways in which people are protected in the workplace and, when things go wrong, it is crucial to take action swiftly. For example, employees in all sorts of fields sustain injuries and it is crucial for people in this position to know what their options are.

Taking a stand against wrongful termination

There are a plethora of examples of employee rights violations which have been discussed on this blog, from sexual harassment to wage violations and discrimination. Sometimes, these topics are intertwined with another facet of employment law, such as wrongful termination. Unfortunately, many workers have been wrongfully fired as a result of speaking out against wage violations or sexual harassment. Also, some people have been wrongfully fired because of their gender, religious beliefs, or for some other unlawful reason. We wholeheartedly believe that those who have been subjected to wrongful termination deserve a voice, even if they are afraid to take a stand for their employee rights.

Recognizing age discrimination in the workplace

Employees are subjected to many different forms of discrimination at work and our blog has covered some examples of these violations. From gender discrimination to mistreatment based upon an employee's religious beliefs, discrimination occurs in many ways. However, it is important for people to be aware of age discrimination as well, since this is an especially problematic form of discrimination that has upended the lives of many workers. While some are unable to land a position they are fully qualified for because of their age, others are let go or adversely affected in other ways solely because of the year they were born.

How many workers are hurt in waste collection accidents?

Workers are hurt in a number of industries every day of the week. From broken bones to lifelong disabilities and financial repercussions, these accidents can be incredibly difficult for everyone who is affected by an accident that takes place on the job. Moreover, people work are employed in certain lines of work face an especially high risk of being killed or hurt in an on the job accident, such as those who make a living collecting waste and recycled material.

Pedestrian accidents in the workplace

There are a wide variety of work-related hazards that can prove fatal or leave an injured employee with debilitating injuries and an inability to return to their profession. From wet floors to dangerous machinery, a long list of risks can be dangerous on a job site. Moreover, traffic accidents can present a risk for employees, including pedestrian accidents. Sadly, some workplace injuries and fatalities are the result of an employee being struck or run over by a vehicle.

Workplace accidents and severe burns

Many different work-related accidents can shatter the lives of those employed in various fields, from a broken back to head trauma. However, some people become severely burnt as a result of exposure to heat, fire, or even chemicals. If you have been burnt at work when something went wrong, you may have many questions and it is pivotal for you to carefully go over your case. Each incident differs and, in some instances, heading to court may be necessary.

What is ERISA?

Private employees in California who have established health and pension plans are protected by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. ERISA provides a number of employee rights and allows for more information and transparency in relation to their plans.

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