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What are some examples of retaliation?

In the workplace, the rights of employees are ignored and violated in a variety of ways, from incidents involving discrimination to wrongful termination. Unfortunately, some employees are afraid to speak out when they experience these violations of the law, whether they are worried they will lose their job or be demoted. It is against the law for an employer to retaliate against an employee in such a manner because they filed a claim due to sexual harassment, discrimination, or another prohibited practice. There are different examples of retaliation and it might be helpful for you to review some of them.

High levels of stress and work accidents

We know that things can go wrong at work for all sorts of reasons, from an incompetent coworker or manager to bad weather and a host of other problems. Sometimes, workers suffer from extremely high levels of stress, which can also increase the chances that they will be involved in a work-related accident. If you feel very stressed out on a regular basis, it is important to take a careful look at your circumstances, understand any potential dangers you may face, and consider how you can aim to lower the amount of stress in your daily life.

The defamation of former employees

We have gone over many employee rights matters on this blog, such as discrimination and unpaid wages. These are very serious issues of course, but there are many others for workers to keep in mind, which may also hurt your chances of securing a job in the future or damage your career in other ways. Unfortunately, some employees' rights are violated when their former employer causes damage by making false statements about the employee. Also known as defamation, our law office knows how devestating this often is for workers in Los Angeles and across all parts of California.

What constitutes disability discrimination?

Employees experience various forms of mistreatment and discrimination at work, whether someone is denied a position they are qualified for solely because of their gender or fired due to their ethnicity. However, some people may also be subjected to disability discrimination, a serious problem in Los Angeles and all across the state of California. If you believe that you were subjected to this form of unlawful discrimination, it may be helpful to look at your options and you should definitely stand up for your rights.

Taking action over unpaid wages

There are numerous employee rights matters we have addressed on this blog, from wrongful termination to discrimination and sexual harassment. However, there are other violations of the law that employee may encounter in Los Angeles, and other parts of California. For example, a worker may struggle with unpaid wages and an employer who refuses to pay them for work they have done. If you are going through this yourself, it is crucial to have your employer held accountable and try to obtain the compensation you are owed.

Handling national origin discrimination

People are subjected to all sorts of abuses and forms of illegal treatment at work, whether they involve wrongful termination or the denial of certain benefits. However, discrimination can be especially hard and some people are discriminated against based on their national origin. If you have been subjected to this type of discrimination, you should go over the details surrounding the incident(s) and also have a clear understanding of your rights. Our firm knows how emotional these situations can be and we firmly believe that violators cannot get away scot-free.

Addressing employee rights violations

Regrettably, far too many hard-working people have been taken advantage of and mistreated by those they faithfully work for. In Los Angeles, and other cities in California, our law firm knows that employees have encountered a myriad of violations of their legal rights. If you have been denied overtime benefits that you were supposed to have received, if your employer is refusing to pay you for hours worked, if you were wrongfully fired, or are struggling with another type of employee rights violation, you should not remain silent.

The emotional toll of discrimination

For hard-working employees in an array of fields, there are all sorts of hardships that may arise in the workplace. For example, an employee may not be paid the proper amount of money or they may suffer a work-related injury that turns their life into chaos. However, we know that employees who face discrimination can have an especially difficult time at work, for various reasons. If you have been discriminated against on the basis of your gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or for another reason that violates the law, it is essential to speak up and firmly stand for your rights.

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