Addressing employee rights violations

Regrettably, far too many hard-working people have been taken advantage of and mistreated by those they faithfully work for. In Los Angeles, and other cities in California, our law firm knows that employees have encountered a myriad of violations of their legal rights. If you have been denied overtime benefits that you were supposed to have received, if your employer is refusing to pay you for hours worked, if you were wrongfully fired, or are struggling with another type of employee rights violation, you should not remain silent.

When an employee's rights are violated, they may face anxiety, humiliation, and even financial problems brought on by denied benefits. Moreover, some employees are subjected to discrimination and sexual harassment that is also in violation of employment laws. We believe that these types of behaviors cannot be tolerated in the workplace, from construction sites to white collar positions and all other types of employment. Sadly, violations of workers' rights have occurred far too common and some people may not have even known that laws were broken.

Unfortunately, some victims of workplace violations choose to stay quiet because they are afraid that if they speak up they will be fired or demoted. Not only is retaliation unlawful, but victims of these violations deserve justice and should have no fear when it comes to speaking out. If you check out our page on employment trials, you will be able to read over more info on some of the different unlawful workplace violations that occur.

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