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What constitutes sexual harassment?

Recently, a considerable amount of media attention has focused on sexual harassment in light of highly-publicized accusations. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this problem affects workers from a variety of backgrounds across many different industries. If someone has sexually harassed you at your place of work, or you have witnessed someone being subjected to this employee rights violation, it is critical to take action promptly. Sadly, even with raised awareness and harsh penalties, sexual harassment and various types of gender discrimination remain a serious problem for workers in Los Angeles, and throughout California.

Handling national origin discrimination

People are subjected to all sorts of abuses and forms of illegal treatment at work, whether they involve wrongful termination or the denial of certain benefits. However, discrimination can be especially hard and some people are discriminated against based on their national origin. If you have been subjected to this type of discrimination, you should go over the details surrounding the incident(s) and also have a clear understanding of your rights. Our firm knows how emotional these situations can be and we firmly believe that violators cannot get away scot-free.

Addressing employee rights violations

Regrettably, far too many hard-working people have been taken advantage of and mistreated by those they faithfully work for. In Los Angeles, and other cities in California, our law firm knows that employees have encountered a myriad of violations of their legal rights. If you have been denied overtime benefits that you were supposed to have received, if your employer is refusing to pay you for hours worked, if you were wrongfully fired, or are struggling with another type of employee rights violation, you should not remain silent.

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