Google sued for gender discrimination

When you type "employment law" into Google, you will get millions and millions of search results. At least a few of those results will link to news articles about a recent gender discrimination lawsuit filed by three former Google employees in a California courtroom against the technology behemoth.

The women claim that they and others suffer gender-based pay discrimination at the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters. Preliminary findings of a recent federal labor investigation support the women's claims: the review says women earn less than half of men in just about every Google job.

The three women who filed the claim are asking that their suit be granted class action status.

Google rejects their allegations and says that its own analysis of pay finds no gender gap.

According to news reports, the three women all quit after concluding that their Google careers would result in lower pay than their male peers would receive. Their lawsuit asks for lost wages and a piece of Google's profits earned, the women say, on the backs of underpaid female employees.

"I have come forward to correct a pervasive problem of gender bias at Google," one of the women said. "It is time to stop ignoring these issues in tech." The former engineer quit the search giant in 2014 after she saw men with experience similar to hers get better jobs at higher pay.

Equal pay and justice do not come easily. But you can protect your rights and fight for a favorable outcome in litigation with the help of skilled, step-in trial lawyers.

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