Do I Have a Case?

This leaves you with a bad option and worse option:

  • Bad option: Start from scratch with another attorney, which means wave goodbye to years of your life and thousands of dollars
  • Worse option: Don't get the verdict or settlement you deserve and then spend the rest of your life dealing with the fallout

Fortunately, there is a third option, and that's a step-in attorney.

A step-in attorney gets the results you want quickly and effectively so you can get back to your life without incurring more cost, losing more time and risking a life-altering unfavorable result.

What is a step-in attorney?

A step-in attorney in one who takes over a case no matter what the stage of litigation, and TURNS IT AROUND for you. Think about the closing pitcher or the top negotiator who comes in just as a deal is about to go bust. A step-in attorney is a specialized expert who enters the game in the 9th inning, expedites the litigation process and gets you the best outcome.

By hiring a step-in attorney, you give yourself the best chance for litigation success without requiring you start from square one or engage in conflict with your current attorney. Instead, you're bringing in the closer who takes what your attorney has done to date, adds what's missing and then brings the deal home as YOU need and want.
California Trial Lawyers have a 95% trial verdict success rate, and a 99% success rate of effective claims resolution, including favorable settlements. Can your current counsel claim the same?

Who needs a step-in attorney?

Anyone involved in a lawsuit that isn't going well and who doesn't want an unfavorable outcome or to start from scratch. Doing so could take additional years, thousands of dollars and too much of your time.
By hiring a step-in attorney, you enable a master right the ship and put you behind the helm again.

Why hire a step-in attorney?

Because you've lost trust or faith in your current lawyer.

Because you feel you are being pressured to settle your case for an amount you think is unreasonable.

Because you feel your lawyer is being outgunned or isn't an expert at litigation.

Or because your case isn't proceeded as you want. You're the client, which means you deserve the absolute best in every stage of your case.

When any of these negatives raise their ugly heads, it's time for a master litigation expert. It's time for California Trial Lawyers.

What type of case is a step-in lawyer appropriate for?

Any case where the amount you are either suing or being sued for is at least $50,000. We at California Trial Lawyers have extensive expertise bringing all types of cases to resolution, including business, civil and even certain criminal trials.

Why California Trial Lawyers?

We've litigated over 2,500 cases with over 99.95% of them receiving a settlement or favorable judgment. All we do is litigation, and we do it right. This means we know how to quickly and effectively litigate for you.

Attorney Allen Felahy has substantial appellate experience as well, leading two precedent-setting appellate cases in the state of California - Taylor vs. Nabors (same-sex harassment) and Quinn vs. U.S. Bank (disability discrimination). Mr. Felahy has a proven record representing cases through appeals, achieving success in nearly 50 percent of appellate cases (10-20 times the industry average).

No matter what type of case, if there's more than $50,000 on the line and you're not happy, call us today. We'll make our expertise and effectiveness work for you.

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