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What is reverse discrimination?

Most people in California are aware of discrimination against minority groups such as non-whites or females. However, the term reverse discrimination has come to light in the last few years, which has resulted in an increase in litigation by majority groups.

According to FindLaw, reverse discrimination occurs when a member of a majority group is classified solely because of gender, race or other protected factor, and as a result is discriminated against. While affirmative action and other diversity initiative programs were meant to make things fairer to minorities in educational situations or the workplace, their use can sometimes be seen as reverse discrimination.

Addressing employee rights violations

Regrettably, far too many hard-working people have been taken advantage of and mistreated by those they faithfully work for. In Los Angeles, and other cities in California, our law firm knows that employees have encountered a myriad of violations of their legal rights. If you have been denied overtime benefits that you were supposed to have received, if your employer is refusing to pay you for hours worked, if you were wrongfully fired, or are struggling with another type of employee rights violation, you should not remain silent.

When an employee's rights are violated, they may face anxiety, humiliation, and even financial problems brought on by denied benefits. Moreover, some employees are subjected to discrimination and sexual harassment that is also in violation of employment laws. We believe that these types of behaviors cannot be tolerated in the workplace, from construction sites to white collar positions and all other types of employment. Sadly, violations of workers' rights have occurred far too common and some people may not have even known that laws were broken.

The emotional toll of discrimination

For hard-working employees in an array of fields, there are all sorts of hardships that may arise in the workplace. For example, an employee may not be paid the proper amount of money or they may suffer a work-related injury that turns their life into chaos. However, we know that employees who face discrimination can have an especially difficult time at work, for various reasons. If you have been discriminated against on the basis of your gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or for another reason that violates the law, it is essential to speak up and firmly stand for your rights.

Discrimination can carry a number of challenges. Sometimes, an employee may face financial consequences due to discrimination. For example, they may be fired or forced to endure a pay cut or decrease in the number of hours they can work. However, discrimination also has consequences that may not be as evident. Sometimes, those who have had to go through discrimination suffer from an emotional standpoint. Some people may think that these negative emotions are insignificant, but the emotional toll of discrimination can have a major impact on employees, those they work with, and even the entire company.

Google sued for gender discrimination

When you type "employment law" into Google, you will get millions and millions of search results. At least a few of those results will link to news articles about a recent gender discrimination lawsuit filed by three former Google employees in a California courtroom against the technology behemoth.

The women claim that they and others suffer gender-based pay discrimination at the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters. Preliminary findings of a recent federal labor investigation support the women's claims: the review says women earn less than half of men in just about every Google job.

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